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IPC Instant Cash Review Is It a Legit Work At Home Job

One of the newest companies in the frenzy of legit work at home jobs on the Internet is IPC Instant Cash, but just how real is this business and the opportunity that it presents. Can it be classified as one of the few real online jobs on the internet or is IPC Instant Cash another online biz that boasts big talk only not to deliver. In an effort to better inform those out there who are cautious of this business I conducted thorough research on this online program.

The IPC Instant Cash Program is the sister company of the Independent Profit Center (IPC). With a solid history in the Internet Marketing franchise IPC is one of few legit work at home jobs that members have found a success with. The sister program IPC Instant Cash is a business that incorporates many of the common features found with most online businesses with a few new concepts.

To become a member of the IPC Instant Cash program members pay $97, which the program say’s is one of the lowest entry cost’s for an online business on the internet. Compared to the $1994 that Passport to Wealth requires and the $1997 of Big Ticket to Wealth the entry is fairly low. One of the unique aspects of IPC Instant cash compared to the other real online jobs out there is that there is no reoccurring fee with the company.

A lot of the other legit work at home jobs on the internet have reoccurring fees that they charge members monthly, this for some can pose a problem. For those who are unable to make more money than those amounting fees they are put in a difficult position. Many new comers to the internet marketing world then become understandably discouraged since they got into this market to make more money and not spend more.

Like other typical online business members are provided with a website and back office that tracks payments for them and as well as any new team members. The IPC member back office like some of the other legit work at home jobs out there provides video tutorials that are easy to follow and instruct members step by step on how to make money with the program. Amongst the video training is extensive free marketing methods to promote the business, this zero cost marketing training is similar to that found with Big Ticket to Wealth and perfect for those on a budget or have no money to promote.

While the majority of differences of the IPC Instant Cash program are slightly diverse when compared to other programs like Passport to Wealth and Big Ticket to Wealth there is one huge notable difference that IPC Instant Cash offers that the other two do not. IPC Instant Cash backs it’s money making system with a $5000 Cash Reward.

If any member with the system is unable to make money then they will be rewarded with $5000 cash, this is a first in terms of incentive with an online business. IPC Instant Cash believes in its program and system to the point that it has done what many other long term and larger online programs fear doing and that’s backing their system with more than words.

While I went into this review looking to find holes in this company I instead found a legit opportunity to make money from home. Like Passport to Wealth and Big Ticket to Wealth IPC Instant Cash seems to be a program that can create an income for the average person. Although I don’t see anyone making huge amounts of cash like $15,000 a month I do think $4000 to $8000 would be more realistic. Do your own review of those businesses that interest you and find the success that you desire… after all its something you deserve.


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